World record for strange deeds

Many countries around the world are now locked down to reduce the incidence of coronavirus. As a result most people in the world are under house arrest. There is no way out of the house. Many people are doing office work from home. Someone’s work is off for now. The people of the world may not have had so much free time before.

So many people are not wasting time sitting at home all day. Someone is cooking. Someone is drawing. Someone is doing some other creative work again. Many are expressing their talents by singing or dancing. In the age of social media, it has become easier to show one’s talent to the world even under house arrest. As a result, many people are betting even while sitting at home.

Greg Beatstock of the United States has set a world record by making full use of this time of lockdown. He lifted a 50 kg iron disc underwater and gave 72 bench presses. He did so underwater in St. Charles Lake, Illinois, USA.

He held his breath while giving 72 bench presses under the water. The Guinness Book of World Records authorities have shared a video of the incident on their Facebook page. Six lakh people have already watched the video. Greg’s work was both fun and terrifying. Because many say Greg’s life could have been in doubt if he had ended it.

Greg, of course, has done this before. Last year, he gave 42 bench presses under the water with a 50 kg iron disc. This time he broke his own record and set a world record. What was the experience of fulfilling the task? Greg said he was scared to go underwater. But I decided to finish the task. Looks great after the world record.