WhatsApp made a big difference in group calls
Seeing the growing popularity of zoom in video calls, WhatsApp came to the fore. The company gave the opportunity to increase the number of users in group calls. This feature has reached the beta version. Now eight people can join the call together. Earlier, four people could call a group together.
According to a report by NDTV Online, hundreds of millions of people around the world are under house arrest for the lockdown. In this situation, the popularity of video conferencing has skyrocketed. Video conferencing can be done through the popular messaging app WhatsApp, but no more than four people can join a call at once. Many have started using Zoom, Google Duo and other video conference apps.
WhatsApp has already added the ability to join up to eight people in voice and video group calls at the same time in the Android and iOS beta updates. Step by step this feature will reach all the customers.
The group call will start as soon as you enter any group and tap on the video or audio call button. If there are more than eight members in a group, a maximum of eight members can be selected for group calls. The phone numbers of those members of the group are not saved on your phone, you can’t add those people to the group call.