Dow Jones Futures: After the crazy ride of the growth stocks, what’s next for the market rally? Main Movers Late Tesla, Square, Upwork, Workhorse Lead

Dow Jones futures turned out to be higher Tuesday night, with a variety of EV players operating overnight, along with an S&P 500 futures and a Nasdaq future, with Square (SQ) leading main profits and Tesla (TSLA).

This was a crazy day for bond rallies, at least for the Nasdaq and in particular speculative growth names like Tesla stock and Chinese EV rival Nio (NIO). Intraday, but for a small loss, the Nasdaq dropped over 3 percent. For a second straight day, the Bitcoin price fell.

Square profits overtake opinions, supported by its activities in Bitcoin. Nevertheless, net profits and purchasing amount missed forecasts. Recent Upwork and PubMatic (PUBM) IPOs have also overviewed views.

Square stock fell almost 6% overnight. On Tuesday following rebound from its 50 day side, SQ inventories withdrew 4.3 percent. The workforce increased by 19%, and PubMatic jumped from main levels intraday 12% overnight after both on Tuesday. From its 50 day line, UPWK rebuilt modestly to a superior standard. PUBM closed down for small losses but it was very difficult to hold after plunging under a purchase point.

The Nasdaq looked like a vertical intraday breach was blinking, as it quickly dropped down its 50-day side. The quick recovery to moderate losses does, however, leave the course of the sector uncertain. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 washed out relatively small losses just above break-even. The stock market rally could simply be a rotation in a sector that leads to a change in mining, agricultural and financial stocks, with increasing returns and commodity prices.

Caterpillar (CAT), Disney (DIS) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) components from Dow Jones have progressed since recent break-ups. It was lower but rebounded by the 10-week line of Microsoft (MSFT) and closed over a purchase point of 232.96.

The price of Bitcoin dropped below $45,000 on Thursday after Sunday over $58,000. At just under $49,000, the cryptocurrency has recovered overnight in successful commerce. Bitcoin lies well beyond that, when Tesla revealed it was buying a $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency, before the market was open on Feb. 8.