Turkey has been supporting the government of Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Siraj internationally. And Khalifa Haftar’s forces, backed by Egypt, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, have been fighting for the past 14 months to seize the capital, Tripoliron. Haftar’s forces have been forced to retreat after losing several battles recently. Egypt has proposed a ceasefire in Libya since Monday. Russia and the United Arab Emirates support the proposal, which is part of a leadership election in Libya. However, Germany says the UN-backed initiative is the only way to bring peace to Libya.

On Wednesday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlt Cavusoglu said, “Cairo’s ceasefire initiative is dead. To sign a ceasefire, it must be on a platform where all sides are present. The offer of a ceasefire to protect Haftar is not responsible behavior or credible to us. ‘