It’s been a rough year for theaters but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been great movies welcome to watch mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 movies of 2020 so far for this list will
be looking at the best movies released this year either in theaters or on streaming platforms films the day Butte festivals in 20 19 are still eligible as long as they made American or white releases in 2020
Top 10 Movies

number 10 sonic the hedgehog given reception to
the blue Blair’s original design and the curse of
the video game movie it’s safe to say everyone’s
expectations were fairly low for sonic the hedgehog
and that’s what made it such a delightful surprise
the family friendly adventure follows sonic as
he goes on the run from the vial Dr.
Robotnik who wants to harness his power been Schwartz
is the perfect voice for Sega ‘s mascot Cracking
jokes almost as quickly as he moves but it’s Jim Carrey
‘s manic performance is Robotnik that steals every
scene I look like an imbecile of course I want a latte from
sonic super speed makes for some worthwhile action
and his charisma makes for an entertaining hero
the next person that goes into the bathroom will
have nothing to wipe with

Top 10 Movies number nine birds of prey

and the Fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn well suicide squad wasn’t exactly well received Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn was an undeniable
stand out so it was only natural to see who returned the role it took losing something I truly love for me to see that the target on my back is bigger than I thought only this time DC didn’t restrict her with the PG-13
rating birds of prey is his Harley sucked into a war between an eccentric psychopath a crime lord
and the women trying to take him down The action sequences
are sleek and brutal the character dynamics off
and strained and hilarious he wrecks or something
you don’t know who that is Ewan McGregor is the slimy
skin crawling black mask serves as proof that he
needs to be a villain more often but more important
is how birds of prey reminded movie goers that Harley
Quinn is a lot better off without the joker fine
you dumb luck I still don’t feel pretty great

Top 10 Movies number eight the assistant

if you’re looking for talks
psychological thriller that explores you familiar space look no further than the assistant Ozarks Julia Garner shines as Jane a recently hired assistant
at a powerful entertainment company he wants you on the Los Angeles trip
win tonight following one day in her life the film navigate workplace abuse harassment and sexism both settle and overt coming in the week of the me
to movement it’s a deep dive down the rabbit hole
of systematic oppression
It’s just the right level by up-and-coming writer
director kitty green I don’t think I have anything
to worry about
you’re not a type

Top 10 Movies number seven the king of Staten Island

but I’m stillhere I’m gonna be here forever
talk about a comedy dream team directed by Judd Apatow
the king of Staten Island brings together Pete
Davidson bill burr Marisa Tomei and Steve Buscemi
with a screenplay by Apatow Davidson and SNL writer
Dave Cyrus however it’s a comedy that also manages
to be moving and serious movie follows a young man
struggles after the death of his father a fire fighter
who died while responding to an emergency
and they should be allowed to have found this given
that Davidson lost his father in similar circumstances
the story is a borderline memoir with poignant autobiographical
touches all the tunnel ships aren’t always smooth
the film is Boy by a standup performance from Davidson
making it a must see anything for us and all of us in
one of the few people who treat me like a person you’re

Top 10 Movies number six back row after the matriarch
of a small Brazilian town passes the residence begin
to notice strange occurrences namely that their home vanishes from GPS maps cell service stops working
and UFO begins flying above
if that wasn’t bad enough they’re also being hunted
by a band of mercenaries buckled out as a fantastically

absurd genre mash up the preaches the strength of community and trying times but instead of conveying
that in a normal way it goes all out in sane
and scene just how strange it grows is what makes
it a 2020 highlight western and sci-fi trucks crashing
to one another is hilarious Gore fill the screen
narratively and stylistically it’s unlike any
other movie this year something is telling me not
to take it easy man number five first cow 8 2 4 is one
of the most revered production companies today
and teaming up with respected in the director kelly
Reichardt produced one of the most interesting
movies of 20/ 2 1 cow Chronicles the friendship of
a nomadic chef and a Chinese immigrant in early 19th
century America was your name into a comic cookie
did you go into business bacon case with milk stolen
from a wealthy chief factors prized cow it’s a small
simple story but they’re search for glory and riches
in Oregon territory flawlessly captures the beginning
of the American dream
give me another and there’s suspense throughout
from the Ila gallery of their operation however
it’s the chemistry between John Magaro and Orion
leave that sells the story and build a strong bond
between characters from completely Different
backgrounds for me this time you can
take it I don’t have a

Top 10 Movies number four never rarely sometimes
always this tough coming-of-age drama follows
the young autumn as she deals with an unplanned pregnancy
is that a test from the supermarket yes I told you
it was a self administer test deciding to terminate
autumn and her cousin Skyler travel to New York City
and what follows is a gloomy engrossing story of
strength in the face of unwavering uncertainty
the film excels displaying how lonesome the situation
can be for many young women newcomer Sydney Flanagan
sings into the role of Adam painting her as a fearful
yet immensely caring character and giving one of
the best performances of the year if I do this with
my parents get some kind of bill
video statement is correct abortion is undeniably
a hot button issue and never rarely sometimes always
traverses it with supreme great Respect for the
women who must deal with it alone so I will
number three bad education movies intended for
release on streaming platforms rather than theaters
can sometimes get a bad rap but HBO’s bad education
stands tall among the best of them I think at the end
of the day her memory still very fresh based on a true
story is follows a Long Island superintendent
whose pristine school district is coming to jeopardy
when embezzlement scam comes to light your mother
lost her job at my job powered by Korea the combination
of a Monday and setting delicious scandal and devious
characters makes for a darkly comedic satire and
a terrific cast which includes Allison Janney and
Ray Romano is firing on all cylinders with Hugh Jackman
is the proud lying superintendent trying to cover
up the scam that truly Heinz key I know when I looked
at all laid out like that but try and see this from
my point of you number 2 to 5 bloods
is next week and to the soul brothers of the first
infantry division
DC Spike Lee’s latest film is a war drama heist film
and a timely reflection on race and history all at
once released on Netflix define bloods follows
for African-American Vietnam war vets who return to
Vietnam looking for treasure pack with nods to classic
films and political references both historical
and contemporary it’s a sprawling ambitious movie
that feels personal and raw but also hunting and
epic who is that guy best damn sold Evelyn but it’s
the performances from Delroy Lindo Clarke peters
Norm Lewis Isaiah Whitlock junior Jonathan majors
and black panthers Chadwick Boseman that hold it
all together window in particular stands I was Paul
their Maga hat wearing leader who suffers from PTSD
consider this And I were the follow up to Black Klansman
and how people before we unveil our

number one

pick here are some honorable mentions the half of
it a coming-of-age romance with an interesting
twist on character dynamics yes we did he quit camp
a powerful documentary about a unique summer camp
and the disability rights movement and it’s like
wow I’m not sure who is a shepherd who is a counselor
on word a life-changing magical quest of two brothers
and their deceased father ‘s legs mess this whole
thing up now he’s going to be legs forever not forever
spell only lasts one day sorry we missed you attaching
drama about family compassion and capitalism is
a replacement drivers
bad boys for life the boys are back for more Mayham
and action
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number one the invisible Man universal has tried
for years to remake it’s classic movie monsters
it turns out all it needed was a studio on a winning
streak like Blum house and a passionate director
like a leave now
the modern retelling follows a woman who escapes her
abusive partner only for him to die leave her a fortune
and begin terrorizing her and visibly the film
is bolstered by an intense frantic performance
from Elizabeth moss as a woman pushed to the breaking
but it’s also a lesson in how do you space and camera
set ups to produce fear because the threat can come
from anywhere not even empty rooms feel safe and
it leaves an underlying tension throughout the
entire movie
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