This driver is a millionaire in just 3 hours!
It did not take long for fate to change. Even in just three hours. And during this period, whether an Indian driver became a millionaire or a millionaire.
According to Indian media reports, lottery tickets were cut in the evening. In less than three hours, he became a millionaire at 9 pm. Rupesh, a car driver by profession, used to run his family somehow. He also took the car out in the morning. But at night he returned to become a millionaire. He is now the subject of discussion in Gholsi, East Burdwan, in the Indian state of West Bengal.
Sheikh Rupesh, the Max driver of Golsi, used to buy lottery tickets secretly from time to time. He bought tickets in the evening at Gholsi in East Burdwan on Tuesday. That is one crore rupees. Golsi was buying fruits at the market in the afternoon. There was a lottery shop next to the fruit shop At that time he had 200 rupees.
From that he bought two series Dear Evening Lottery for 80 rupees. After 9 pm, you can know that he got one crore rupees on one of the two tickets. He stays silent for protection from the night. But in the morning he contacted the main branch of State Bank of Burdwan and deposited his ticket there. Then at one o’clock in the afternoon, he contacted the Indian Bank of Golsi to withdraw money from his account.
Although he still does not know how much money he will get, his fate is going to change to a ticket of sixty rupees Rupesh drives the car of a government ration distributor in Gholsi. Most of the days of the week the ration items are delivered to the ration dealers in the area. He gets a salary of 6 thousand rupees per month for this work. He is survived by his wife, daughter, mother, father, and brother.
Dad made them people by working as day laborers. But now Rupesh and his younger brother Sheikh Anarul used to drive their family. The family somehow survived on the earnings of the two. Rupesh came to the bank with his wife and owner Dilip Roy.
Rupesh said, this money will be very useful in the world of scarcity. For now, he wants to build a house and buy some land, he said.