If thought is an attribute of a person distinguished from other creatures, then it is expected that human thought began with man from the moment of his human existence.

The Islamic view of the world is decisive in expressing this. God Almighty taught Adam the names, and he asked Adam to tell the angels with these names and he did! There is a process of teaching and learning, and this can only be done with awareness and awareness. Any thought. Then in the first human life, males and females intermarried and the presence of children needing the formation, training, education and development of intellectual abilities, and we expect that the parents were playing an educational role in all of this by instinct, awareness and awareness, and the education that God prefers to them on them in terms of education and the experiences that he has passed through in their lives .

God’s favor did not overtake children by teaching when parents were absent and new situations and situations arose, so God sends them a practical model that teaches them how to act in these situations. The educational situation becomes a new experience and perhaps a basis for legislation regulating life affairs.

Human thought has been linked to science and education, so the human being was equipped with the ability to learn new things that God guides him, and faces with him the developments of life. A person is a civilian, of course, and from his early days he lived in a society in which the requirements of life for all are integrated through specialization in the fields of cultivation, grazing, hunting, shelter preparation, and making weapons, etc., and all of this needs learning, education, education and training. And God Almighty did not call himself to himself, so the prophets and messengers presented to their people what corrected their perceptions and thoughts, and purified their souls, and managed their affairs.