Seeing her father wearing a helmet, one-year-old Priyanshi Bala said she would wear a helmet. I looked at the pressure cooker lying in my mother’s kitchen. Busy! Thinking of the helmet, he put the pressure cooker on his head. And the disaster started with getting it out.

The incident took place in Rajkot, Gujarat, India on Friday morning.

The doctors of Sir T Hospital in Rajkot have to work hard to find a way out.Hospital sources said that when Priyanshi was brought to the hospital, the cooker was still intact. Doctors from all departments, from orthopedic to pediatric, came together in an effort to save Ekarti.

Later in the hospital, a drill mechanic cut the pressure cooker and took out the head of little Priyanshi from there.

In the words of Hardik Gathani, the administrator of Sir T. Hospital, we finally have to call someone who works with utensils. He cut the cooker out of the child’s head.

However, the people of the child’s house said that they also tried hard to get the pressure cooker out of the child’s head. But in the end there was no gain.

But in the end there was no gain. Rather, it is against the interests of the little child to get hurt.

Priyanshi is one year free from danger at the moment. The hospital administrator said the girl sustained minor head injuries. But not serious. We are monitoring Priyanshi to make sure that the blood circulation is normal. If all goes well, Priyanshi will be released from the hospital soon.