One of the most important things that former National Security Adviser John Bolton reveals in his new book that the White House is striving to prevent its publication is that US President Donald Trump encouraged the Chinese leadership to persecute millions of Muslims in Cheng Yang (East Turkestan) and assemble them in concentration camps called re-education camps in As part of his pursuit of external support for his re-election, this fact was confirmed by other officials in his administration, stating that this is part of Trump’s personality and that he does not care mainly about them.

The Daily Beast published a report quoting these officials that the issue of human rights violations in general does not represent any significance for Trump and when any talk about it is opened he does not pay attention and may refer it if he remembers his deputy Mike Pence, so that when he met in July 2019 with a delegation of religious minorities and he included A woman from the Uyghurs, who talked about the concentration camps and the horrors taking place in them and how she did not see her father in six years, Trump replied, Where is this in China? Where in China? .

It is noteworthy that China began in 2014 a systematic policy of persecution of Muslims, especially from the Uyghur minority in the province of Cheng Yang under the misleading title of combating terrorism, and accordingly practiced repressive measures, the most severe of which was the placing of millions of Uyghur Muslims in giant detention camps with the aim of erasing their culture and obliterating their religion and faith and practicing against them The most heinous types of torture, and rules imposed on them that almost prohibit them from displaying any religious manifestation and deprive them of their most basic rights, according to reports of several international organizations.