The groom ran away

Many relationships are broken due to a little disturbance during this time. Many couples’ happy family results in separation! However, it is very rare for a bride to break up because she does not like the sari she is wearing. This rare incident took place recently in a village near the city of Hassan in Karnataka, India.

Meanwhile, the police have started an investigation by filing a case based on the allegations of the girl’s family.

According to local sources, the accused couple BN Raghukumar and wife BR Sangeeta live in a village near Hassan town in Karnataka. A year ago, a love affair developed between the local young men and women. A few days ago, Raghu Kumar talked to the people of the house and arranged the wedding day with music. Then everything went according to plan. But, destiny is left out! Last Wednesday, Raghukumar’s parents did not like the sari worn by the bride in a folklore ceremony on the day before the wedding. So they asked Sangeeta to change that sari. However, the young woman did not want to accept that. The bride’s parents and other relatives got into a heated argument with the bride’s family. There was no solution to the problem.
Though the matter was digested as it was then, they advised Raghu Kumar to flee back home. Said, they will not accept her marriage with music in any way. Hearing this from the people of the house, the groom ran away from home on the morning of the wedding day.

Meanwhile, after the preparations for the wedding were completed, the people of the girl’s house started looking for the bridegroom. Later they find out that the pot has run away from home on the advice of family members. He was forced to go to the local police station and lodged a complaint. Police are searching for the fugitive Raghu Kumar on his basis