frog came out of the capsicum

Frogs in store-bought vegetables. That is what happened this time. And the shocked couple in this incident. That’s what happened to Canadians Nicole Gagnon and Gerard Blackburn.

A few days ago, they were cutting vegetables to make dinner. At that time they were surprised to cut a capsicum. The couple did not understand how the frog got inside the capsicum. There was no leak in the capsicum.

The couple immediately put the capsicum in a separate container and took it to the store. They took him to the place where he bought it and showed him the scene.
Capsicum usually comes to Canada from Honduras. So the Canadian Food Processing Department has been asked to look into the matter. The food processing office there has received similar complaints before. Insects have been seen in raw vegetables before, but in most cases they were small insects.

However, there is no example of seeing such a whole frog before. One researcher thinks that while the capsicum was being made on the tree, the frog entered. As the capsicum got bigger, the hole was filled but the frog remained.