arrest Sonu Nigam!

In 2016, Bollywood musician Sonu Nigam came under fire for protesting the call to prayer.

That debate came to the fore again in the Corona situation. Not only that, some netizens have also requested Sonu Nigam for arrest.

Netizens recently questioned Sonu on social media, Sonu is now in Dubai. Dubai is a Muslim-majority country. There he has to listen to the call to prayer every day. Why is Sonu not protesting now?

Many are again tagging screenshots of Sonu’s old tweet to the Dubai Police. And they appealed to the Dubai police to arrest Sonu.

According to a GenNews report, Sonu Nigam is stuck with his family in Dubai at the moment of the lockdown. From there, the epidemic called on everyone to work together to defeat Corona.

Sonu Nigam also posted a video on her Instagram. While exercising at a gym in Dubai, the artist is heard to say, ‘Many people don’t know me well, that’s why they don’t understand. And I don’t take it badly, because they just don’t know me. But thanks to those who are by my side. My guru taught me to respect, never to disrespect again. ‘

However, he did not make it clear that Sonu had made the statement on Twitter with the newly-announced Azan controversy.

In 2016, he deleted his Twitter account after the controversy.