Bollywood sensation Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s love affair is open secret. The popular couple is going to get married soon. However, in the meantime, the tone of the breakup is being heard!

According to a report in the Indian media, March 15 was Alia Bhatt’s 26th birthday. But her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor forgot about the special day in the life of this Bollywood actress. Alia is very angry because of this.

Alia Bhatt cut the cake with her mother, sister and girlfriend on her birthday. Whose video is viral on social media. However, Ranbir was not seen there. Since then, everyone has assumed that the lesson of Ranbir-Alia’s relationship has been missed.

Though Ranbir did not wish Ali on his birthday, his boyfriend’s mother Neetu and sister Riddhima Kapoor wished him well.