Plastic products have become our daily companion. Scientists in France gave good news about that plastic. They have come up with a way to break down plastic and make it recyclable in just a few hours. They are using an enzyme found in composted leaves.

A company called Carbios in France is behind the discovery of the plastic breaking method. They already plan to jointly with Pepsi and El Oriel to produce and market this material for use in the industrial sector. In the next five years, they will produce this material suitable for use in the industrial sector.

“We are the first company in the market to bring this new technology,” Martin Stefan, Carbios’ chief executive, told the Guardian in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to bring it to the market by 2024-25.

Over the past decade, controlling plastic pollution has become a cause for concern. The inventors claim that this new discovery is a significant step forward in solving this problem.

Researchers at the University of Toulouse in France are also applying the method they invented to recycling plastics. Plastic can of course be recycled directly. Plastics are broken down into different materials and temperatures depending on the type of plastic. Although many plastics can be recycled, they are not recycled because of their low market value.

The researchers said that the most common plastic poly (ethylene terephthalate) or PET loses most of its chemical effectiveness when heated or recycled. Waste continues to grow as new material is created.

The newly invented enzyme can complete at least 90 percent de-polymerization in 10 hours. That is, it can convert polymer or large-sized complex particles into tiny particles in less than a day. It takes the form of organic depolarized plastic, which can be used to make plastics like plastic bottles.

Experts say the future of this technology is bright. As co-enzymes can be synthesized, companies can create more affordable recyclable infrastructure. It can be used to make low cost recycled plastic products.

Carbios has started to solve the problem of unnecessary plastic film in general. Last year, it made a plastic compote called ‘Carbiolis’ in alliance with several European companies. Their goal is to solve the problem of plastic film and once used bags.

Carbios officials said, “Our goal in this innovation is to solve market-friendly economic problems, which are at the same time competitive and environmentally friendly.” It will revolutionize plastics and textiles. “