The dove of peace spread unrest in the plane. Due to this, the Ahmedabad-Jaipur Go Airplane of India was delayed by half an hour. The video of the hue and cry inside the plane to catch the pigeon is now viral on social media.

The pigeon appeared shortly before the GoAir plane left Ahmedabad on Saturday. Inside the plane from one end to the other, the pigeon began to fly in fear of life. Passengers become more panicked when they try to catch them.

A passenger named Rakesh Bhagat posted the video of the hue and cry inside the plane on social media. In fact, he wrote on Twitter, small birds are among the big birds. Ahmedabad-Jaipur flight flew 30 minutes late.
Another passenger, Prashant, wrote, “A pigeon is flying inside the plane.” As the passengers got up and went to catch the pigeon, a loud noise started in the plane. Many people say that the back door of the plane should be opened. The pigeon will get out of there.