The main actors explained the cliffhanger of the end of season 1 of Outer Banks, but what will happen in season 2 of the Netflix series? While Outer Banks has not yet confirmed season 2 yet, Chase Stokes (John B) and Madelyn Cline (Sarah) have given clues about what could happen. And the many fans of the show also have their own theories. Attention spoilers!

Already, since John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) are going to the Bahamas (which is good considering that it is there that the gold was taken), many twittos already imagine that there will be new characters in season 2. Besides the men who saved the lovers and made them get on the boat, there will necessarily be other people that the duo will meet once on the island. But will these new recruits be nice allies who will help them in their quest for the treasure or bad guys who want to recover the ingots for them? Maybe a little of both.

On Reddit, many fans also think that among the new characters, we should discover John B’s uncle in season 2. In season 1, we understood that he had abandoned his nephew. But since the police think the teen is dead, he could come to Outer Banks to attend the possible funeral organized for John B and Sarah Cameron. We could therefore discover a new actor in the casting.

Side characters already existing, John B alias Chase Stokes and Sarah Cameron alias Madelyn Cline should meanwhile return to their native island. This is one of the theories put forward by many twittos, their return to Outer Banks after their getaway to the Bahamas. According to them, the lovebirds should come back for the Pogues. The actress who plays Sarah agrees with this theory and even confessed to Glamor: “I think, at least for Wheezie (her little sister, editor’s note), Sarah would and absolutely should return to look for her at some point” . This means that at some point, relatives and the police will know that young people are alive and well.

Kiara could end up with JJ and not Pope

While the co-creator of Outer Banks explained that JJ, Kaira and Pope will not be absent in the rest of the episodes, fans are wondering what will become of them without John B and Sarah. Because the three remaining Pogues are convinced that their friends died in the storm and seemed inconsolable in the final season of season 1. Now that they are separated from their leader, the Pogues may well implode, especially since in the three remaining members there is a new couple. Yes, Pope and Kiara kissed. Many Internet users are therefore afraid that they will end up arguing all three and separating with JJ alone on one side and Pope and Kiara on the other. Other fans on the other hand think that they will unite to avenge the “death” of John B and Sarah.

Madison Bailey who plays Kiara is in any case sure that “there will be a whole new dynamic” in season 2 for the Pogues as she assured Seventeen. “How to live without your best friend? I think it’s going to be hard for everyone” she added, leaning more on the second theory about the group of friends: “And we will have to meet and take care of them each other now more than ever. But revenge is going to be in our heads. “

Jonathan Daviss, who plays Pope, seems less certain about this union between the Pogues. He told Seventeen of his doubts: “Are they going to stick together as a family? Are they going to separate because of this? Is this relationship going to continue or are they going to be afraid? something interesting to explore. “

Another theory that comes up a lot on Reddit and networks: Kiara could end up with JJ (Rudy Pankow) and not Pope. Their arguments? In season 1 of Outer Banks, Kie as she is known had first put a wind to Pope when he had revealed his feelings to him. Without forgetting the famous scene of the jacuzzi where Kiara embraces JJ after he did his monologue on friendship and exposed the bruises on his body because he is beaten by his alcoholic father. This physical connection has reacted a lot on Twitter and Instagram. Madelyn Cline (Sarah) has seen this theory. She told Glamor, “There are a lot of people online who have jippered JJ and Kiara, which would be a really fun and interesting couple.”

But why could Pope and Kiara break up? On Twitter, some tweeted that Pope could give Ward info on the treasure and John B in exchange for his scholarship. Other twittos have also simply explained that this supposed future break would be linked to the fact that in fact, Kie would be in love with JJ and not Pope and that despite the kindness of the latter, deep down, she would prefer since the beginning of the group’s bad boy.

A narration in the future and new villains?

As you know if you’ve seen Outer Banks, John B is the storyteller. And on Reddit and social media, one of the theories about this narrative is that it would take place in the future. Several fans believe that John B would tell his adventures on gold, his father and his BFFs to his children, like Ted Mosby in How I Met You Mother. Other internet users have however advanced the theory that one of the Pogues would have died and that it was during the burial of this missing friend that the hero would speak of the good old days in his speech. But who could not have survived this treasure hunt? JJ, Pope or Kiara?

On Twitter, several theories also speak about the villain of season 2 of the Netflix series. Since Ward and Rafe risk being arrested, many twittos think they will be dismissed and that others will play the big “villains” of the sequel. Who could it be? Rose, Ward’s wife is the villain of season 2 according to several Internet users. Why ? To take revenge for what happens to Ward and Rafe who risk jail for their crimes. But another theory about the big bad guy has also emerged: it could be John B.’s uncle. Many believe that it was because he was looking for treasure that he abandoned his nephew. If the teenager gets close to the gold before him, he could go so far as to kill John B.