Cosmic events

News18 website posted an article, Cosmic events happen all over the world. But some of them are far, far away from the earth. And some are very close. This time a cosmic event is going to happen which is not too far from the earth. Because, gradually a meteorite is coming towards the earth.

The name of this meteorite is 526, it was first seen in space in 1998. That meteorite will cross around 3 lakh miles of the earth on the 29th. The speed will be 19, 461 miles.

Researchers in the international media said that many people were surprised to see the image of the meteorite found. In the world affected by corona, everyone is wearing a mask now. Looking at the picture, it seems that the meteorite is also wearing a mask.

This meteorite will pass through a distance of 63 lakh kilometers from the earth. That is, it will be about 18 times the distance of the moon from the earth.

However, the cause for concern is not diminishing, because scientists believe that if any element of the galaxy travels less than 8.5 million kilometers from the earth, then there may be a problem. Thinking naturally increased.