An explosive tell-all book about Donald Trump by his niece has been released today in the United States after a judge lifted a regulating order on the memoir.

The book by Mary Trump is titled Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.

It’s a scathing portrayal of the President in which she accuses the Trump family of raising a narcissistic, damaged man who poses an immediate danger to the public.

Mary L. Trump’s memoir “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” sold more than 950,000 copies through July 14 in the U.S., the day it went on sale, publisher Simon & Schuster said.

The results included preorders and first-day sales and stretched all formats. Simon & Schuster, one of the country’s largest publishers, said the results represented “a company record.” Simon & Schuster added it had ordered a 14th printing that will bring the total number of hardcover copies in print to more than 1,150,000.

The tell-all book, written by President Trump’s niece, ranked No. 1 on Amazon’s Top 100 bestseller list on Thursday morning.

The book is the second insider account in two months to paint a deeply unflattering portrait of the president, following the release of former national security adviser John Bolton’s bestseller.

Mary Trump, the US President’s niece, has given her first tell-all interview after the publication of her book, which describes her family as “dysfunctional.”

The Trump family tried to stop the release of her memoir, arguing it violated a confidentiality agreement she signed nearly 20 years ago, but a New York judge dismissed the case.

As a keen student of the shitshow formerly known as the daily news, you may have noticed the president’s niece has a book out this week. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man is the first tell-all written by one of Donald Trump’s relatives. The fact that Mary Trump is a psychologist with a Ph.D. adds fuel to the fire as she diagnoses her uncle with having all the signs of sociopathy and narcissistic personality disorder. (Gee, you think?)

These and other juicy extracts from the book have leaked at a steady clip since the president’s unsuccessful lawsuit to block its publication. You can read for free about how Donald leered at Mary the first time he saw her in a swimsuit, that he paid a guy to take his SATs, that he went to see a movie while his brother Fred Trump Jr. (Mary’s dad) was dying, and that when Fred Trump Sr. had dementia, Donald tried to rewrite his dad’s will to put himself in sole charge of the family fortune.

The question is: Should you bother with the book itself? Is there any meat left on the bones after the best parts have been picked clean? Is Mary Trump’s writing going to keep you engaged? Are the 225 pages of this slim volume going to turn fast enough to justify your attention, especially during a year that demands almost all of it?

Answer: It depends. Yes, if you need to be shocked out of the notion that wealthy families are happy or even enjoyable to the rest of us. Yes, if you like the idea of a book that reads like lousy Succession fan fiction, with little plot and less dialogue. Yes, if you love the documentary Grey Gardens, about wealthy relatives living squalid short lives in a disintegrating gothic mansion. And yes, if you like books with an unreliable narrator.

Trump and his family were socially distant before it was cold
I don’t mean that Mary Trump is lying. If she were a fabulist like her uncle, she would have invented more exciting scenes with him. (I was too bored to count, but there are probably fewer than a dozen scenes in which she talks to Donald directly; the two of them weren’t that close.) I mean that she’s unreliable as a narrator. Self-contradictions are small but legion. She tells rather than shows. Anecdotes, when they arrive, are delivered in haste and left half-finished, with not even speculation to answer the questions they raise.

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