What show takes place in 19 7 7 the summer of 19 7 7 in New York and it’s hot and brutal and Jonah I am on my character is just a young man he’s trying to get by trying to support his grandma he took some city
sacrificed a lot in order to provide for her and and he’s happy with that decision and when we meet
them you know shortly after you know I have the beginning
of the first episode tragedy occurs and he is devastated

and angry and searching for answers and trying to
find out you know why and who did who did this to actually his grandmother so his big heart for my character over the
And that’s exciting enough for me as an actor but those first couple of episodes are laying on the
ground work setting up the the central conflict of the series on it I’ll find a ride to my character
shoulders and he’s devastated and it’s very painful
and it’s that pain was high and always with any project
if you play catch with that it’s tough it’s a tough time so free for a few months in the beginning it
tragic work it was really tough out I hope Pacino
it’s electric you know when you’re working with him there’s a certain
level of of you electricity and the room is this different
energy and connection
I love working with our surprisingly we have a similar work ethic and the way that we like to work so I think you know at least for me it was just fun to go to set

when I knew that I was working with him now Any given
day I was just excited to explore because we like curveballs we like to improvise like to try new things
and it’s fun doing it with him to get transported
119 7 7 you know I New York City I was so cool it was
so cool but working with Amazon
having the near the budget and creative freedom
to make the series you know what it is
you made it possible to explore a show sadness
in this this time In this world we able to give great detailed like the costumes these are locations
and everything that that was created for the series
and how do you see if you’re expecting anything with
the series or if it feels like even just from what you’re watching like you feel like you know where
it’s going to go it’s not gonna go there it takes left
turns and it is on original was trying to say something
different then Other things in the same I guess category arena right now
that that style it says something different and it’s more grounded and truthful
with us a favor of exploring justice and grief