He did not clearly take the ridiculous. A Kansas man drank a cleaning product over the weekend after President Donald Trump was asked if eating an antiseptic could help fight COVID-19. Norman, the state health official, was to blame Trump when he said that the man had the product “because of the advice he had received.” An increase of 40% has been reported in cases of chemical cleaning. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked manufacturers of hand sanitizers that their products don’t taste or smell nice so kids and teens won’t drink them. In a consultation on Monday, the agency said calls to the National Poison Data System for Network Disinfectant increased 79% last month from March 2019. “Network disinfectants do not have not been proven on the Covid-19 treatment, and as with other special products, the FDA Commissioner said Stephen M. Hahn: “The external use is not intended for ingestion, the inhalation or intravenous use. “