Johns Hopkins University has reported over 1,600 deaths from the Corona virus in the United States during the past 24 hours.

Earlier in the day, a White House official confirmed that the precautionary measures had been tightened to prevent the spread of the Corona virus inside the headquarters of the US administration, after employees of the virus were infected.

According to the official, the measures include frequent cleaning and sterilization of the West Wing of the White House, and requiring staff who communicate with President Donald Trump to wear medical masks.

The medical examination confirmed that US Vice President Mike Pence, press adviser, who is also the wife of a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, was infected with the Corona virus.

The news of Chancellor Katie Miller’s infection has sparked concern about a possible spread of the virus in the narrowest White House circle.

Trump revealed that Miller, the wife of his immigration advisor, Stephen Miller, fell ill during a meeting today with Republican congressmen, a day after discovering that a personal aide to Trump had tested positive for Coronavirus.

A report by a representative of media networks stated that a senior administration official stressed that Trump and Pence had not had contact with the HIV-infected journalist recently.

This development comes after the White House announced the diagnosis of infection of one of the elements of the elite military force associated with the White House Corona virus also.

The disclosure of the two cases raised fears that the infection could reach the President and Vice President who lead the American efforts to deal with the pandemic, and who have resumed their travel program, as part of their work despite the number of people who died of the disease in the United States of more than 75 thousand people.

Source: Agencies