I’m gonna show you guys how to get it entirely for free not this year if Apple went back to using installation profile so that’s what we’re gonna do you don’t need a computer to upgrade your advice Leslie you guys might want to know what devices can run iOS 14 with compatibility list is pretty incredible pretty much if you have an iPhone 6s or newer you could install iOS 14 but before we do this process it might be a good idea to back up your device so you have a back up of your data .

just in case anything goes wrong so without warning in place let’s get directly into the installation again you don’t need a computer all you need to do is go to get iOS beta com it’s going to redirect you to our website where we have to download link
right here in purple reign just top of That that is going to bring you to this page right here when just a second it’s going to download the iOS 14 developer beta installation profile.

have a Lotta awesome coverage on iOS 14 just hop right here to go ahead and finalize the download says this website is trying to install a configuration profile just click allow says profile downloaded we’re gonna swipe up go to the settings app right there at the top conveniently you can click on the
downloaded profile and click install click install and click install a third time now you guys can go ahead and click done now it might actually prompt you for some reason it didn’t on my phone but we actually
need to reboot our devices now so just perform a quick restart so once your device is back online like

I was just saying you’re gonna go back Into the settings app scroll down to General and then tap on software update and look at that guys right there I was 14 developer
beta waiting for you guys to install just make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi and that your phone is over 50 % charged I’m at 9 9 % but if it’s less than 50 % just plug it in so it’s charging right before it begins the installation process just have to happen
right there like I just did to begin the demo process it’s gonna go ahead and download now says ETA right there that will change to an actual time in just a few minutes here then we go about six minutes remaining.

and it really it’s going to depend on where you’re at in the world and how many people are trying to access this developer beta right now the only thing I wanted to
know is if your download does not start automatically just manually tap the install now button so it’s gonna go ahead and verify the update and then install it automatically now that’s the last step that you guys needed to Do you all right well here is the install process guys thank you again so much for watching all right well that was a pretty long install process but then we have a guys your iPhone has been updated to iOS 14 a look at that since we were doing an upgrade the install process all the settings.

that we have to configure at the beginning it
skips all of that but I’m just gonna go into the settings and go to General about and then we have a guys I was 14 rain there I go over and take a look at some of the new widgets that’s pretty cool I really got a try to see what this is like to drag it over that is sweet
and a long with widgets on the home screen we also have this after our right here to thought I’d show that real quickly in this video to take a look at Siri look at that that is sweet anyhow that is then stop process guys that is everything you need Now to get you on your way to installing iOS 14 developer baby one

Today’s tutorial will teach you how to easily install iOS 14 beta profile download, which empowers you to get iOS 14 beta without a computer. The brand new iOS 14 beta download is super simple to install with the use of Apple’s convenient developer iOS 13 beta profile. However that doesn’t mean you actually have to be a developer to use it. Again today’s tutorial will teach you how to download iOS 14 beta and install iOS 14 beta on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch!

Download iOS 14 beta HERE: http://getiosbeta.com