disinfectant after Trump's speech!

Hundreds of people in the country reportedly wanted to take the disinfectant after US President Donald Trump’s bizarre advice to prevent coronavirus.

This information has been reported from the office of the governor of the US state of Maryland. News BBC.

According to the report, more than a hundred telephone calls were received on the hotline of the Maryland governor’s office after Trump’s speech. The emergency management agency then issued a warning.

Reckitt Benckiser, the leading antiseptic manufacturer in the United States, says that under no circumstances should products made by them be used or injected into the body.

Disinfectants or similar ingredients can be toxic. They can even cause skin, eye or respiratory problems when in contact with the body.

An official presented a U.S. government research report at a briefing of a task force on coronation at the White House on Thursday.

Where it is pointed out that the coronavirus is weakened when it comes in contact with sunlight and heat. It is said that bleach can kill the virus in saliva or respiratory fluid in five minutes.

Donald Trump then suggested further research into whether it could be treated using ultraviolet rays or powerful light. He also asked to check if anything can be done by injecting the disinfectant into the body.

Donald Trump’s remarks have been widely criticized on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.