As we start to ????? ?????? for 2020, I wanted to make a video that truly challenges you to hit a massive goal in the upcoming year. I’m committed to helping you succeed, so on today’s episode of Insurance Agent Training, I will show you the steps it will take to write $1,000,000 ( yes, 1 million) selling life insurance in 2020! Now is that thinking big or is that ???????? ????!

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Cody Askins currently owns and operates seven insurance-based companies grossing over $6 million in annual sales. When he was 20-years old, Cody decided to become a full-time insurance agent despite time constraints due to going to college full-time and playing college basketball. Even so, he set a goal to make $100,000 his first year and exceeded this goal within 8 months. Now, his goal is to help train, mentor and motivate insurance agents all over the world to operate at their highest level. To do this, Cody produces Coaching Programs, Insurance Wealth University, Business Retreats, Insurance Leads, Live Events, Live Shows, and Training Videos.

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