scientists from the Australian University of Monash announced that they have also created windows as a solar battery to generate electricity, which could provide free electricity to the building.

  “A long time ago, we dreamed of having windows that generate electrical energy. Now, that seems possible,” said Jacek Yasyanak, head of the scientific team at Monash University, in an article published by Nano Energy magazine. Now, the idea of ​​using semi-transparent solar cells as glasses is not new, but all of the previous attempts in this area have failed and have failed. The reason, according to experts, is the lack of correct selection of the materials used which ensure regular and efficient work of the solar battery. Now everything will change after the creators added organic semiconductor material to the perovskite metal used to make the new solar batteries.

  New glass panels allow light penetration of 10 to 30% on request, and this glass is used in buildings. And the efficiency factor of the new solar battery is 17% in the case of transparent glass 10%, so two square meters of this glass can generate an electrical energy equivalent to that generated by the traditional solar battery panel installed on the surface . In other words, on a sunny day, it can generate 140 images of energy per 1 square meter.

  Experts say the best place to use this innovation would be large buildings, since the glass used is a little cheaper than the cost of new solar batteries, so “electric windows” could become a lucrative alternative for them.

The innovators point out that major Australian window manufacturers have expressed interest in this innovation. And they will start to develop ways to produce this glass commercially, on top of that, they intend to increase the efficiency factor for these batteries in the future.