blacklisted Hezbollah
Germany has blacklisted Hezbollah, a Lebanese Islamic resistance movement, as a terrorist organization. Iran has strongly criticized the German government’s decision.
Tehran says Hezbollah is fighting extremist groups in the Middle East. Berlin will have to bear the brunt of the damage caused by Germany’s decision in this situation.
On Thursday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Sayyed Abbas Mousavi said in a statement that some European countries were formulating their policies without considering the realities of the Middle East.
Abbas Mousavi said the German government had decided to blacklist Hezbollah to protect the interests of Zionist Israel and the United States. Tehran criticized the German government’s decision as “extremely short-sighted.”
Earlier on Thursday, the German government blacklisted Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and banned any of its activities in Germany. In addition, the German government has ordered the country’s law enforcement agencies to launch operations against any person or organization with ties to Hezbollah.