Dallas-based app creator Courtney Vucekovich told DailyMail.com how her ex-boyfriend Armie Hammer is a dark, twisted guy,’
The 30-year-old said they met through mutual friends June, and he was ‘intoxicating’ from the start.
She said, “He is a very delightful, intense human being.” He’s very caring; he makes you feel very safe… Then it gets deeper and darker progressively,’
Vucekovich said that Hammer, 34, manipulated her easily to play with his perverse fetishes and that he would also fantasize about cannibalism.
‘He meant that he wanted to split one of your ribs and eat it. It’s like grilling it and eating it,’ she said.
Vuckovich shared a letter with DailyMail.com that Hammer had written, signed, and dropped off during her apartment concierge relationship.
‘I’m going to bite the F* out of you,’ said the text, She said: ‘I was being groomed and manipulated beautifully to do things that honestly terrified me… He’s a twisted, very dark guy’ After their split in early October, Vucekovich said she enrolled in a 30-day intensive counseling course for PTSD to cope with the ‘warped relationship’ There have been unverified screenshots of messages claimed to be from Hammer about rape and cannibalism on social media. Hammer finally answered the leaked graphic messages on Wednesday, saying:’ I’m not reacting to these allegations b*

Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriend claims she told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview that he was into ‘master-slave fetishes’ and told her he wanted to crack and eat her ribs.

Courtney Vucekovich, an app creator, based in Dallas, said she met Hammer through mutual friends in June, and he was ‘intoxicating’ from the outset.
He’s an intense, very charming human being. But once you start talking to him, right from the start, he’s pretty violent. Not abusive, but in the way he speaks, sexually offensive,’ she said.

‘He’s magnetic, but with this stuff, that helped his getaway. He is a charming, larger-than-life character. He’s very affectionate; he makes you feel very comfortable, on top of the world, kind of. Then it gets deeper and darker, little by little.

“He gets sort of obsessed with you. You feel very safe at first, and then it gets a little weird. And then it gets more and more, and you’re like, little by little,’ what’s happened? ‘

‘It’s powerful. I just heard the term ‘lovebomb,’ and that’s what he’s undoubtedly doing.’