Electronic Arts revealed today, after being missing in action for years, that it will make college football video games again. EA partners with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to secure the use of over 100 FBS teams, including the stadiums, mascots, and uniforms used by these institutions, a well-known licensing partner for many colleges.

At present, EA Sports College Football is in the works and still very early in its development cycle, with no launch window yet announced. More specifically, no actual names or likenesses of players will be used by EA Sports College Football.

After the publisher scrapped the series in 2013 after former college athletes brought a class action lawsuit against EA for the unfair use of their likenesses in their NCAA Football games, EA Sports College Football will be the first college football simulation game published by EA. For $40 million, EA will reach a settlement in 2016.

For sports enthusiasts, the news of the return of college football video games comes at an exciting moment. Last year, 2K revealed that it will be producing NFL games again, with the first one expected to launch this year, but due to an established relationship between EA and the NFL, they will be non-simulation titles.