Dinosaur blood was warm!
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In the imagination of the world, dinosaurs became terrifying reptiles with cold blood and rough skin. However, a recent study by a Yale University study of dinosaur fossils found that popular beliefs about the extinct species were largely incorrect. According to them, not cold blood, but warm blood flowed in the bodies of dinosaurs.

According to Robin Dawson, lead researcher on the study, “We found that dinosaurs had the property of increasing body temperature in terms of the environment through metabolism.”

For this study, Dawson examined fossils of dinosaur egg shells of three genera. The carnivorous Trudon (T-Rex’s younger cousin) and the two vegetarians Myasras and the giant Megalulithas. Analyzing the fossils of their egg shells, the team concluded that there was no reason to accept the cold blood theory as a constant. According to Dawson, ‘from an evolutionary point of view, dinosaurs are in the middle of warm-blooded birds and cold-blooded reptiles. According to our research, all of their major groups had warmer body temperatures than their surroundings. ‘