The month of lockdown in India came to an end on April 23. It has been officially claimed on Thursday that India has been able to move forward successfully against Corona in this one month. The central government’s Corona Dealing Committee said that in case of any doubt, the people should seek medical advice and get tested without delay. This will not only speed up the healing process, it will also reduce the tendency to spread corona.

The committee said in a press conference that the preparations in the country have increased many times as much as a month ago. When the lockdown started at 12 midnight on March 23, only 14,915 people were tested in the country. Corona affected 400 people. 5 lakh people have been tested till April 23. The number of positive patients is about 21 thousand. CK Mishra, one of the members of the committee, said the government’s goal was to reduce the death toll as much as possible. Fortunately, the government has succeeded in that goal. 81 died till Thursday. 21 thousand 393 people were affected.

It is said that in this one month of lockdown, the government has acted on the basis of wartime activities, at present 3,063 hospitals have been built in the country suitable for the treatment of corona. The number of isolation beds is 1 lakh 94 thousand. A month ago, corona was tested in only 100 labs in the country, but after a month, it has increased to 325 at the public and private levels.

With the increase in the number of labs, awareness and treatment, the recovery rate has increased by 19.89 percent. It is said that the patient is being taken care of depending on oxygen and ventilator as there is no medicine for the disease. Coronary expansion has been prevented. In the last 14 days, not a single person has been diagnosed with the disease in 6 of the coronated districts of the country.

On the one hand, the stagnant economy, on the other hand, the strong pressure on the treasury to deal with Corona. In the face of these two, the central government today said that the increased cost of allowances for central government employees will not be paid for the next one and a half years. Even if the allowance is given at an increased rate after one and a half years, the arrears of one and a half years will not be paid. Pensioners will also fall under this category. If the state governments also take this policy, a total of 1 lakh 20 thousand crore rupees will be saved. The number of central government employees is 46 lakh. 75 lakh pensioners.

Just days before the central government’s decision, the Kerala government announced a one-month pay cut for all government employees in the state. 7 days salary will be deducted every month from May to September. 30 days salary will be available in less than five months. That money will be spent to deal with corona in the state.

On the eve of the lockdown, the Congress, which has repeatedly sided with the government in this difficult time, has come under fire from its president, Sonia Gandhi. On Thursday, he said the BJP was spreading the virus of communalism and violence when everyone should unite in the face of this difficult situation in the country.

The image of communal harmony in the country is being ruined. Deterioration is happening. Congress will work hard to make up for this loss. At the party meeting, Sonia said the BJP was not taking our advice. Unfortunately they could not be as generous and active as they should have been.

The BJP, however, denied Sonia’s allegations without delay. Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said the government was not making any communal divisions. They are dealing with the situation in an alliance with everyone. Sonia should not do cheap politics during this difficult time.