A 100-year-old woman in Spain has won a fight with Corona. The 113-year-old woman’s name is Maria Branias. He is thought to be the oldest person in Spain. Maria, who lives in a retirement home, has been infected with the coronavirus and several have died. This information was given in the news of AFP on Wednesday.

The residential building in the city of Maria Olot is known as the Santa Maria del Tura Care Home. A spokeswoman for the building said Tuesday that Maria was born in the United States but has long been a Spanish citizen. He has been living in that house in Olot for 20 years. He was placed in isolation in April when he contracted corona. At this time, this centenarian woman was suffering from other coronary heart problems including shortness of breath. However, these symptoms were not serious. The spokesman said, ‘He has been able to cure the disease. Now his condition is better. ‘
The spokesman said Maria is fine now. Last week, his corona test result came negative. He did not give any details.

Maria’s daughter Rosa Moret said her mother is fine now. Back to the previous state.

Maria was born on March 4, 1906, in San Francisco, USA. His journalist father was from northern Spain. They moved to Spain with their families by boat during the First World War. Asked about the key to Maria’s longevity, she said she was lucky to have enjoyed this ‘good health’.