We went to Canada over two years ago and since then this place has been our home we love celebrating Canada day and I think it’s going to be a little bit different this year the first year we went to Spruce Meadows which is like a staple place in Calgary and last year we celebrated downtown Calgary and it was amazing there were crowds everywhere food trucks everywhere and this year it’s like what even food if you watching this video from the future it’s 2 0 20 and we’re still in the midst of the pandemic here in Canada but we’re not going to let it stop us
from celebrating Canada Day Canada days just a few short days away and today we’re gonna do you like a little run to see how we can celebrate it at home in a backyard doing all the fun Canada Day stuff
we going to Do you the pancake breakfast Ollies going to be making pancakes because I don’t I cook
but I don’t really deal with butter it never works

for me I promise you it was not working even if I tried
and we’re going to decorate her backyard and we’re gonna have a picnic with those pancakes and maple syrup dressed in red and white and proper celebrating it as a family without a friends unfortunately but
we’re gonna have a really really good time stay to
7 5 more ideas for Canada day at home city of Calgary
share this list of things that we can do such as dress
up in red and White if you’re in Calgary wear a cowboy
hat or your favorite Calgary team jersey paint your face put up your lights decorate your house and will be doing a number Things today with the girls and from all the crafts that they had on the list I’ve
picked doing that will make a maple leaf garland and will hang it outside in a backyard along with
the Canada flag or inside in the living room maybe
around here somewhere really depends on the weather
I’ll just go grab all the things that we need will

need a few sheets of white paper scissors measuring
tape red markers to color and a piece of string and clean and will get them done to decorate our house milk clue how to draw a Mapleleaf so I am going to be using this directions and the girls will help me, so I have to pack triangles on my pieces of paper and then I’m gonna cut them out quick so We can start drawing maple
leaves and coloring them I also went through storage closet and I found these cute little props from last year and this will be a substitute to the fireworks I am very happy with her you ready to help yes Sifting flour I’ve got some other ingredients ready

and I’m going to cut some oranges now because
that’s another thing that you can see in Calgary
‘s pancake breakfast
can I see what pancakes look like
please add the top guy was so yummy
I was kind of fun and we’re going to put a cute picnic
blanket right here
how adorable
and how we going to have a picnic with the view I was
so nice I’m so ready for Canada Day here
we go there’s a picnic that pancakes oranges drinks
and we’re going to have
Nice find egg breakfast of course we can’t forget

I was the lucky one to get them find one
you know nobody lost their minds there yeah
just try it you can pick it up with your hands if you
want to try some maple syrup
I love it so good right
here we go this is gonna be our Canada day because
we are doing it a little bit earlier if you days before
the actual Canada day but yeah I would love to know
what you guys are gonna do for Canada Day if you’re
gonna do anything like do you love my heart also I’m
all very Calgary in Canada today and yeah we are having
such a good picnic with the girls it was such a good
idea and I just wanted to say thank you to city of
Calgary for sharing Incredible resources on you
know how do you still have fun even though we can’t
quite be together and celebrate together as a nation
for there are still ways of having fun and having
a good time I hope you guys enjoy this video give it
a big like if you did don’t forget to subscribe if
you’re new here and we’ll see y’all again next time
happy Canada Day