Stress is a fact of life, we all have to deal with it, the question is how to deal with stress in a healthy way.

For the longest time I thought the best way to deal with stress isn’t to go for the extreme. There are people who shut everyone and everything out. They don’t even answer their phone or turn on their notifications for things that are most urgent to check. They ignore calls and text messages, and their out of office email is always set on. They often stay in bed the whole day. I wonder if their stress goes away. Does it?

Other people on the other hand are not the type of person that ignore the phone, or turn their notifications off, or stay in bed the whole day. They drown themselves in work. On the clock, off the clock. Having a family doesn’t stop them from working and doing work but no rest is taken for granted. Work seems to devour them, it’s not meant to be a devouring work, although, it is. Some pretend to like working hard and they would say, I prefer working hard to being lazy. Some prefer working hard to being smart and intelligent with their work. So, how do these two opposite people handle their stress?

Nothing great comes easy. There has to be stress because it stretches out your comfort zone. You cannot remove stress from the formula of success…but you can eliminate toxic stress. Do effort, but do not neglect your health or your need for leisure for example.

Some people have stress coping skills that works for them. The one that shuts off everything and everyone to deal with their stress, or the one that drowns himself or herself with work. In my experience, I have never seen an individual with a stress coping skill that works for stress that is also successful. Meaning, stress always catches up, even if one doesn’t realize it.
Stress and success are two opposite terms. If you are under stress, you are not successful, whatever the logic you present.

Let’s first straighten out definitions of “success”. With little experience of life I have had so far and the books I have read, success can’t be measured in terms of money or luxury. Rather, it’s satisfaction. How satisfied are you with yourself, your relationships, your health, well-being of loved ones, time and people you have to spend the money you earn etc defines success. If your definition of success of based on a material and not emotion, then it will keep on changing with time and place.

Now, after knowing what we live and earn for I don’t think the words “success” and “stress” fit together. Rather, I think most of the people confuse between “challenge” and “stress”. Stress is a negative term, challenge is not. Challenges make us grow and evolve, learn more about our capabilities.

To be successful and keep growing, we need to engage ourselves with quality challenges. And if you are good with the choice of challenges you surround yourself with, you won’t be stressed, you’ll be successful.