forbidden' goods pretending pregnant

Pregnant Sage went to visit her husband in jail with ‘forbidden’ products. But last but not least, the woman was arrested on charges of smuggling illicit goods. This is the case of a prison near Belo Horizonte in Brazil. A video of the incident has gone viral.

It is learned that a young woman went to meet her husband in Nelson Hungary Jail near Belo Horizonte. Upon entering the gate, she told the guards that she was pregnant. As a rule pregnant women are not scanned. The guards searched and let him in. So the prison guards first interrogated the girl without scanning her. They became suspicious after examining various documents given by the woman. There is also inconsistency in the woman’s words. Then the body search started.

As soon as the search of the body started, the hidden ‘treasure’ started coming out one by one. One by one the forbidden items kept coming out of the woman’s clothes, even hidden in her underwear. Among what was missing were 12 mobile phones with chargers, SIM cards, headphones, chewing gum, a bunch of medicine, money, and a hammer. All of these items were hidden in the woman’s jumpsuit and underwear and taped to her waist.
After so many forbidden items came out, there was no way for the woman to cross. She said in the interrogation that she was taking all these things inside the jail for her husband and her husband’s friends.

Prison authorities say this is not the first time such an incident has taken place. After being caught, they were kept in Vespasiano prison. This young woman has also been kept with those ‘pregnant’ people.