newborn fire of anger

The doctors were doing their duty after giving birth to the child. But that is not what happened normally. Instead of crying after being slapped by the doctor on the back, the fire is like a newborn in anger. And the doctors were really surprised to see those eyes.

This photo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is now viral. As seen in the picture, the doctor is pushing the newborn on his back to make him cry, and the newborn is making him angry. The baby was born on February 13 in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. He was not crying at all after birth. That’s when the doctor started slapping him on the back crying. And then the child became angry instead of crying. He kept looking at the doctor.

However, the newborn girl famous for showing anger overnight! Doctors say that many times the newborn does not cry at birth. Then why did he get angry instead of crying instead of slapping them on the back? Many people jokingly say, is it so angry to have a Caesar seven days before the appointed time? Note that the baby was supposed to be born on February 20 as usual. Caesar was performed seven days ago.

The baby’s mother, Diane de Jesus Barbosa, reportedly hired a photographer to take pictures of the newborn from birth. He shared the pictures on Facebook. The photographer said that the baby started crying shortly after taking this picture. Doctors smiled. Source: The Wall.