In the last two or three days, the story of Trudeau’s hair has come to the fore in the discussions of many netizens.

Prime Minister Trudeau told a news conference on Saturday that Canada’s border with the United States would remain closed for another 30 days. But those who were attracted to Justin Trudeau at such an important press conference could no longer pay attention to what Tiri was saying. During the plague, Trudeau’s hair grew recklessly, and he couldn’t handle it in the wind. I had to repeatedly push back the hair on my forehead with my hands. However, Trudeau never took his eyes off the camera the whole time.

Jason Hanson, an Ottawa resident, slowly edited the video of Prime Minister Trudeau’s hair removal and posted it on his Facebook page, adding a tune. This video has been viewed 52 lakh times from his page alone to date. Canada has been in the news in the media of many countries. Source: Indian Express