A US geological survey indicated that a 6.5-magnitude force struck the remote region of Nevada on Friday morning, 225 miles northwest of Las Vegas and near the California border.
  The US Geological Survey said the earthquake, which was 4.7 miles deep, occurred at 4:03 a.m. local time.
  Graham Kent, director of the Nevada Seismology Laboratory, said the revised arrangement made the earthquake the first of its kind since 1954.

  “As the third largest seismic country in the country, we have somehow responded because there have been no major earthquakes in 66 years,” said Kent.
  “It was 6.5 degrees, and it was definitely felt in the Renault Tahoe area, as well as in the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys in California,” said Kent.

  US Geological Survey spokesman Paul Laustsen told CNN that the earthquake “was widely felt by people.”
  “There have been almost 8,000 reports,” said Laustsen, “did you feel it,” while people signed up with the USGS to report it.
  The Nye County Sheriff’s Office took a video of the United States damage to Esmeralda.

As you can see, the highway has turned a mile mile from Esmeralda 89, “says Nie Sharon County Sheriff Sharon in the video.” A patrol in County Nye is en route to Gap to interrogate residents of the town and to assess and assist in the damage. “
Willie also said he found broken windows in Tonopa.
The chief earthquake was the largest earthquake ever, said Jacob Strettenberger, deputy chief of police at Esmeralda.
Officials verify 95 reported damage in the United States.
“The North and the South are unable to travel approximately 89 miles,” said Stretenberger. “According to the people who called him, it was very bad.”
The epicenter was about 35 miles west of the city of Tonopa, east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, according to the US Geological Survey. The US Geological Survey gave an initial report of 6.4.
The US Geological Survey said in aftershock forecasts that there would be between 63 and 260 aftershocks with a force of 3.0 or more over the next seven days. There is a probability of 4% for the one whose size is 6.5 or more.