Are you thinking about donating a car or truck to charity for a tax deduction, unfortunately, some of the so-called charities that dominate the airwaves

Internet and billboards are nothing more than wolves in sheep ‘s clothing they operate very profitable businesses by taking in-car donations and selling

them at used car auctions or a scrap metal sure they donate a portion of their profits to a charity they have to to keep their charity status with the IRS but the percentage they donate to charity

can be surprisingly low sometimes as low as 1 % here are five steps to take to make sure your tax-deductible vehicle donation goes to a worthy charity and not a scammer and if at the end you decide that were the charity as volunteers of America who are we to argue number one cut out the middleman make sure you’re donating your car directly to a charity and not to

a middleman?

To a middleman, questionable charity car donation programs are almost always middleman who takes your

donated car sell it to donate a fraction to a charity and pocket the rest your donation goes farther when you give a car or truck to a charity that accepts vehicle donations directly like volunteers of America, for instance, an average of 8 8 % of donations made to volunteers of America go to local programs all over the country that serve nearly 2,000,000

people a year number to do a charity check-up finding the best charity doesn’t have to be a stab in the dark start online the Better Business Bureau and Charity navigator .org are both great

resources with detailed charity reviews and ratings on the volunteers of America pages we display the charity navigator and the Better Business Bureau

logos click on them to read their review of volunteers of America number three more is better the higher percentage of your donate Asian that goes into programs

that help people the better the IRS doesn’t have any standards for the interest a charity car donation program has to contribute to charity some give less than 10 % when you’re thinking

about donating a car look into what percentage of donations are used for programs that help people reputable charities will offer that information on their website or you can find it through the Better Business Bureau or Charity navigator volunteers of America puts

an average of 8 8 % of all donations to use in local programs that provide emergency shelter and food

for homeless men women and children permanent senior housing shelter and John training for homeless veterans and more number four look for a local connection if a charity is vague about the programs they offer and where they offer them it can be a red flag look for a charity that does good work in your area or state

donating to a charity with local Programs also allows you to look at on their programs and see how your donation is changing lives volunteers of America

helps nearly 2,000,000 people a year through locally-based programs to learn how we’re helping people in your area enter your ZIP Code in the field below number five double-check that the charity is an official IRS designated 501(c)(3) charity if the charity car donation program you’re looking into doesn’t have a 501(c)(3) designation your deduction could be disallowed and you could end up writing the IRS a check for taxes interest and penalties to be sure of your tax deduction the first step is to make sure you’re donating to an official 501(c)(3) charity

donate directly to the charity do a background check of the charity check the percentage of your donation

that helps people find local programs and make sure the charity isn’t official 501(c)(3) charity follow these five steps to make sure your car donation does the good you wanted to if you’re going to find out

more about donating a car to volunteers of America or how we’re helping people in your area go to cars helping people .org and enter your ZIP Code or click on your state at the bottom of the page