Five easy online jobs for students starting at $12 an hour I’m going to give you all the details right on this article make money

all right let’s go and get started the first
job we’re going to look at here is becoming a social media manager now managing social media accounts for companies can be a fun way to make money on a flexible schedule it’s also a cool way to connect with businesses that you look such social media managers serve as a boy for firms on several different platforms like Facebook Twitter or YouTube and many many others
the average social media manager salary right now in the US as of March 2 0 18 is $55,000 according to glassdoor com so there’s some pretty good money
to be made here one of the companies that you guys can Check out where you can join to become a social media manager is going to be my squad OK so my team
is a moderation customer support and social media management company some pretty big well-known brands contract with Mod Squad to help manage their
online presence companies like NFL Warner Bros. make money

Showtime A&E and PBS kids and many many others so go there and check it out it’s at the Mod Squad com if you want to check out the position then scroll down to the very bottom of the website and click right here versus join the mods and then you guys will be on your way the other thing that you can do is become a data entry clerk now these aren’t the best-paying jobs right now, but they also don’t

require any skills or experience which is kind of cool so typically all you need is a computer and Internet connection you can find online data entry jobs from a couple of sites, or one of those Science is click worker
over at click worker com now this is a website you can join and use to carry out small tasks for small payments in more formal terms I guess you can call it like an online platform for crowdsourced micro
work so the work can include several different things like proofreading categorizing websites another data mystery photography online research writing product descriptions and much much more
another website similar to click worker is Amazons mechanical Turk so online workers and mechanical Turk can work except human intelligence tasks and

our page small sums for each of the different tasks that they do they’ll Amazon is a US-based company workers and requesters our base from all over the globe so the types of different tasks might include surveys are filling out blog comments transcription
work short editing Writing jobs are keyword searches and photo caption and tagging jobs so go over and check it out it’s over at M Turk com the next one here is becoming a search engine evaluator now search engines are not perfect OK and they’re still riddled
with errors all the time I mean a soul rely on humans to look for search results and offer feedback on quality accuracy and usefulness that’s really where you come in now projects usually involve examining and analyzing different advertising content and images and text and then reporting about specific aspects of those ads are you can find search engine evaluator jobs through a couple sites here on one of those websites is Apple now with this company you’ll be checking the results for irrelevant content and marking them and you’ll be paid each hour of the
work that you complete are you will just need to send an invoice once a month and then the company will pay you within three Days via direct deposit OK it’s a pretty good website it’s been out a really really long time it’s a legitimate company go over
and check it out it’s over at Alpine com the other one here is lion bridge this is another legitimate company it’s been around a really long time they’re all sorts of different jobs and opportunities available over online bridge you can be a web content assessor
and language translator for websites on social media are the opportunities are just endless here if you work at home as a contact assessor you can earn anywhere from like $12-$15 an hour by doing this
so it’s definitely a pretty good gig although you know you don’t really need that much experience to do it you guys should definitely check this out for more information online bridge just head on
over there to lion bridge com for next one here is becoming a niche blogger now this want to get a little bit excited about because it has to do with affiliate marketing OK this is where you choose a topic that offers Clear clear value to its readers and you focus your efforts on becoming an authority “ make money “ and you can make money blogging like so many people do and I just look over here at Michelle ‘s blog over at making sense of sense she makes post about how to make money working from home just like kind a like this video this YouTube channel that you’re watching right now and how to save money and also blogging tips and she also talks about affiliate marketing and speaking of that if you guys would like to know
my number one recommended opportunity which has allowed my family and I to to live 15 minutes away from the beach here in southern Florida I’ve got a picture of it here for you guys this is completely changed our life this is my number one recommended
opportunity right now if you want to know more about it check out the link below in the description of this video and I will share that with you right now go ahead and check out that link you guys are going to love this I’ll get that information over
to you Right away but blogging can be extremely profitable here I’ll go over there and check out her website that Michelle ‘s blog she’s making over $100,000 a month just through affiliate marketing it’s a pretty good deal check out a website over at
making sense of sense .com to get your blog up and

running you gonna want to go over and set up a hosting account so you can have somewhere to host your blog on the Internet and one of the companies I recommend is bluehost that’s over at I’m pretty straightforward really easy to
use interfacing at $2.7 5 a month it’s really a no brainer to get your blog up and running and having your own website so you can start your business in any kind of niche that
you want after that you can install WordPress which is a free content management system and then you can install a theme over the WordPress software
that’s gonna allow you to just kind of make the blog and make your website look anywhere anyway that you want the themes are free out there there’s a whole
bunch of them on the Internet that you can download and install into WordPress and make it look really cool and everything start posting on your blog and have your own website and as little as a day especially
pretty straightforward and easy to set up all right so the last one here is becoming a genealogist and now I don’t even think I’ve even talked about this on my YouTube channel before but yes people will actually pay you for putting together their family
trees now you can earn anywhere from 70 to be like $700 per request that you get and you can take on as much work as you want the first thing you wanna do is set up a virtual store front to attract people like this professional genealogist over here Anthony
a Dolph you can find his blog or his website over at Anthony Adolph .co .uk so he’s got an excellent example here on what you should do to track people to your genealogy business you can also take a homestudy course just like over here at the national genealogical Society this is a self-paced homestudy course that you guys can take it’s on the CD are you Either grade
yourself or you can also be classified by a professional and some more tips for you when you are building your genealogy business continue working on your own
family history it will serve as your best template and your best sample of work to prospective clients because it’s the work you’ll be most motivated to do and work on and you’re also getting tons of experience
to solve your clients genealogical research problems more quickly and effectively so those are my five job pics for you guys today if you would like to learn how to create a full-time passive income right on line if you want to make money while you sleep and
then while you’re out on vacation and just be able to spend more time with your family and maybe you don’t wanna always be on a computer all the time well check out the link below in the description of this video right now and I will share with you exactly
how you can do that check out that link below right now I will get that information over to you right away guys thank you so much for coming to the video again my name is big Mark if you want Learn how to
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