10 services busy entrepreneurs may not have heard about.

One of the best ways to sell without selling is to solve big problems. I want a product or service that will make my problem disappear in one click or tap.
Recently, I’ve been obsessed with many different ways to solve issues, especially when it comes to the many things we have to do. You are most likely already familiar with task-ordering, taxi-ordering, and meal-ordering, so I thought I would create a list of helpful services.
Here are the top 10 online services that entrepreneurs use that you may not know about.

  1. Email less.
    Unroll.me lets you unsubscribe, keep, or roll-up your emails in just a few clicks. For me, it’s a lifesaver. Using your filters reduced my emails by about 70-80 percent.
    How many new emails does it roll-up for you from others and send you as auto added emails? I can’t imagine inbox without it.
  2. caption your videos.
    To prevent files from getting deleted immediately is already hard to do. Taking a video of that, then captioning it is an annoying thing. Rev.com, a website service, can quickly add captions, transcripts, and subtitles to your audio and video files within 24 hours. Then you only need to upload it to YouTube, Facebook, etc. Now you have captions.
  3. Block telemarketers.
    Nothing is worse than the zone then getting a robocall that appeared to be an important call. RoboKiller allows you to automatically answer calls and block telemarketers, robocalls, and other spammers.
  4. Let your meal do its thing.
    There are mobile apps for food delivery, but sometimes you just want to make something perfectly. The June Intelligent Oven is able to cook your meals to perfection. It will automatically determine the ideal cooking time.
  5. It’s great every time.
    Automatic pet feeding is a huge thing already. A pet feeder that offers automatic feeding with Wi-Fi. Why would you have eight pets? If you do, it will save you a lot of time. It is smart because it blocks out certain foods or levels of foods so you have full control over your pets’ diets.
  6. Fold your laundry.
    The FoldiMate, priced at $980, is too expensive, but it is the size of an office printer. It is not launched yet, and it might never be. Someone else can dream about folding our laundry. We should feature [[Launch products]].
  7. Mow your lawn.
    Chores are one of the most hated and difficult. The Robin team gets it. They created the Roomba for grass cutting. This robot will mow the lawn daily and then park itself. You don’t have to take care of the product, the company takes care of everything.
  8. Re-do something when you’ve thrown it away.
    I love the idea behind a “smart garbage can”. It allows you to store your items as you use them, then list the new items you want when you are finished. Press the items you want and you’re set.
  9. Negotiate your bills.
    You know how you always get overcharged for your phone and internet bills? Then, you need to download the Truebill app. Premium service saves you money by negotiating the bill. Click a button and it’s done. They do take a cut. But it is difficult to have a 3-hour phone call for nothing.
  10. Read Twitter threads easily.
    Don’t you hate scrolling through the full Twitter conversation? Me neither. Twitter, like News Feed, makes unrolling the full thread easy by mentioning its Twitter handle and the keyword “unroll.”.
    Some of these are a bit overboard. E-cigarettes were created for a reason. If you have a busy life, you are more likely to use subscription services and buy products.