The United States could launch, in the event of military conflict with a party, a swarm of drones which is not lower than the specifications of the combatants. And you can take off from a limited space, especially from inside a container. Drone maker Kratos Defense has announced that it is ready to make adjustments to the Valkyrie XQ-58A drone so that it can accommodate a special unit whose appearance is no different from a container carrying an oil tanker on board .

  The drone’s release system is based on vertical platforms that send the drone, then the accelerators that separate the drone rotate at a certain height to continue to fly and perform the task assigned to it.

  The new generation Valkyrie Dron XQ-58A. It is 9 meters long, has sold its wing of 8.3 meters and its speed is 1050 km / h. It can carry 113 kg of bombs or air-to-air missiles.

  According to a Kratos Defense spokesperson, the drone has a range of 3,000 nautical miles (5,556 km).

  If a drone of this type is deployed on Guam naval base, it can target Hong Kong, Shanghai and even Beijing.

The U.S. Air Force commander announced in 2019 that: “If civilian ships have 1,000 containers, how will the enemy know which contain drunks they can take off and aim for?”